International Making Cities Livable Conference coming up June 2-6, 2020 in Carmel, Indiana

A reminder that you can save $100 off registration before the 15th for the International Making Cities Livable conference, June 2-6 2020 in Carmel, Indiana.

This year will focus on the challenges of suburban development and retrofit, with Lizz Plater-Zyberk, Ellen Dunham-Jones, Chris Leinberger, Bob Gibbs, Doug Kelbaugh, Dr. Richard Jackson, formerly of the CDC, Laura Petrella of UN-Habitat, George Ferguson, past president of the RIBA and former mayor of Bristol, UK, Sven von Ungern-Sternberg, former mayor of Freiburg, Germany, and many other mayors, planning staff members, developers, and other city leaders and “doers”.

IMCL will be hosted by Jim Brainard, mayor of Carmel, Indiana, down the road from the CNU conference (the week before) and a showcase of suburban retrofit, with many remarkable achievements and lessons.

INTBAU USA founder Michael Mehaffy got involved with the IMCL conferences at the invitation of director Suzanne Lennard in 2006, recognizing that they are more intimate discussions with top international leaders in livable city development, with great peer-to-peer exchanges to be had.

The link is here:

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