Perspectives on a Pandemic: Now Online at INTBAU

INTBAU asked its global audience to share creative responses to how COVID-19 has changed their relationship with the built environment and the wider world around them. 

During these strange, new, and difficult weeks and months, we’ve all had to adjust to new ways of living and working. Some haven’t had nearly enough space, either green or personal, while others have felt isolated and adrift. The crowded trains and tall office towers that felt like the future suddenly now seem like the past, with heightened awareness for many of the importance of walkable local communities and greater balance with nature.  

You can explore all artworks submitted to INTBAU at the online gallery here: https://exhibition.intbau.org/

Is your point of view missing from the gallery? It’s not too late to submit! Contact INTBAU to get your work into the exhibition.