Book Club

Reading Tradition: INTBAU USA’s Book Club

Welcome to our book club “Reading Tradition” with INTBAU USA! Beginning in January of 2021, INTBAU USA book club members will select, read, and discuss a book relevant to INTBAU’s mission to “support traditional building, the maintenance of local character, and the creation of better places to live.” We will meet virtually the fourth Thursday of every month at 6:00pm Mountain Time. Club members are welcome to request additional meetings, though we hope this time is convenient for all members across our chapter.

How long is the list of books on traditional architecture, building, and urbanism that you want to read? How many core texts on traditional and classical architecture, building, and urbanism do you wish you could go back and study with a dedicated reading group? Are there new books related to America’s built environment that you are eager to read? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We created this group so we may learn and discuss together topics relevant to INTBAU’s mission, whether we read philosophical, historical, practical, or theoretical books. We expect and welcome lively debate on the books, essays, or articles we read. To facilitate the book club, we are using Bookclubz, on online platform that allows you to join our book club, nominate books you would like to read, vote on the book of the month, and register to attend the meeting. To join our book club, please click here. Once you have joined the club, take a moment to set up your profile and settings, then recommend some books you would like the group to read.

We invite book club members to nominate titles by submitting your nominations on Bookclubz in the club. When nominating a book, please be sure the topic is relevant to our book club’s mission, and check to be sure the book is available either in libraries, as an audio or e-book, or for sale. Nominated texts may be historic or new, though they must be in English. Nominations will be reviewed. The club administrator reserves the right to remove nominations that are off topic or otherwise not within the scope of the club.

All members should vote on the monthly selection and then join the virtual book discussion. Virtual book discussions are hosted by INTBAU USA on Zoom. In order to keep discussions manageable and meaningful, discussions will be broken down into “breakout rooms” of six to eight people per breakout room. If you prefer to meet locally and discuss the book selection in person, you are welcome to form your own INTBAU USA local Reading Tradition group and read along with the national book club. If you do, please let us know. We have also set up a facebook group linked to our business page, should you wish to continue book club discussions there.

There is no cost to participate. The only requirement is that you read the book. Happy reading.

Reading Tradition together.