Welcome to INTBAU USA

We here at INTBAU USA are excited to be developing a new era in INTBAU USA’s history. We were formed in 2007, in New Orleans, just a few years after Katrina wreaked such devastation along the Gulf Coast. It was clear then that America’s architectural, building, and urban traditions would be needed to help rebuild in a manner that could reflect and extend the local culture and history while also addressing new, critical challenges of building sustainably and resiliently.

While the American chapter of INTBAU has been in existence for 12 years now, we are just beginning to try to serve the diverse array of American practitioners, craftspeople, and institutions which make up the large body of people connecting to and learning from our various traditions. We welcome you to join us in the new phase of INTBAU USA.


INTBAU USA members Jenny Bevan and Christoper Liberatos direct the inaugural INTBAU European Summer School in Classical Architecture in Engelsberg, Sweden.

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